New Year to Embrace Your Gifts

Happy New Year! I took a break from blogging and social media during the holidays to fully immerse myself in my family and festivities. Now on this first Friday of the New Year, I am back to my regular writing routine.

As you have read in my previous posts, I love setting goals.  My love for goal setting means I love the freshness and hope that comes with the New Year. And even though I set multiple goals in January each year, I like to hold myself accountable to them throughout the year.

The Monthly Check In

A few years ago, I set my year goals in January then each month then I set smaller monthly goals to accomplish that month. This is an amazingly simple way to break down each ambition with a small step. Doing this practice gives you energy throughout the year as you accomplish goals. By checking in each month, you keep up the momentum you feel at the beginning of the year throughout the entire year.

Last Year’s Reflection

As I reflect on last year’s goals, I realized I accomplished so many of them. While bittersweet, I left my job of 11 years for a new role that is a perfect fit for my professional goals and growth. We sold our first home to allow us to buy our next one.  My family went to our happy place, the beach, several times.  I spoke at a conference. We hosted fun gatherings.  From big to small, our year was blessed.

As I took the last few weeks off for rest and reflection, my mind turned to the new goals I wanted to accomplish this year.  However, this year I didn’t have as deep of a yearning to accomplish as much as in years past.  Of course, I still have goals and some of those are challenging. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t goal set.The thing that is different this year is I want to fully enjoy all the blessing currently in my life instead of reaching for what I don’t yet have.  I want to honor and really appreciate those blessings.

Grateful for My Abundance of Blessings

Therefore, this year my main focus is to dig deep into what I already have.  I want to fully immerse myself in my sweet family by being present and letting the small stresses slide.  I want to grow in my new role at work.  And this year, I want to grow in my spirituality and mindfulness. All of these areas already maintain a big presence in my life so I just want to embrace it that much more!

Each month I will still set those small steps but this year they will focus on how to grow and appreciate what I already have. I will take moments during the month to slow the chaos of daily life and reflect on the vision of the life I am creating.  Month by month with each small step I will nurture and dig deeper in my life already abundant with blessings.

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