Empty, Busy Lives

Being overwhelmed and extremely busy are often badges of honor in our society. If you aren’t exhausted from the demands on you then you must not be doing important work. To say you are constantly running tells others that you are being productive and that you are very much needed.

Stress equals importance is a lie we tell ourselves and unfortunately believe.  Even if we don’t believe the myth, we are scared to admit it because others might think we don’t have enough important work.  But are the truly successful acting this way?

I Admire Peace

Before I ruffle feathers, let me put a disclaimer out there.  I do believe that all my stressed out friends and colleagues are successful but I also know that most of them aren’t exactly where they want to be on the career ladder.  They are still striving to get there.  I think they (and including me way too often) believe too much “busyness” equates we are working hard to achieve our goals. But I realized something in the last couple of weeks.  The people I admire most, don’t have this harried attitude.  They seem to always be at peace.

The ones we are striving to be like are the ones we are acting least like.  They are the ones telling us to focus on quality.  These people encourage us to take time to plan, to be creative and to rest.  They are the ones that value time for relationships.  They are doing the important stuff and still managing to get the work done.

Peace Equals Assurance and Confidence

I have thought about this realization a lot lately.  Maybe they do feel stress but their attitude exhibits a sense of peace and with that peace comes assurance and confidence.  Is this why we trust them with the big jobs?  Why not try to dismiss the value of running all the time and instead imitate the peace of the ones we admire the most.

Think about the people at the top of your career. I guarantee most have figured out screaming how stressed they are is not a way for people to give them more opportunities.  So I am challenging myself to take on a new attitude.  If I am feeling stressed now, I will take that as an opportunity to re-evaluate what is not working and redesign my days.  The stressed really are the ones that give their power away.  Take your power back by intentionally planning quality work and making time to restore your spirit.  Your work should energize you allowing you to in turn give good energy back to the world.


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