Embrace Those Special Moments of the Season

Last year, Buckner’s preschool teachers gave him a present for Christmas. After getting home from school we opened the gift to find the book, “Llama Llama Holiday Drama.” If you aren’t familiar with the Llama Llama series, they are books akin to the wisdom of Dr. Seuss style books. Tough topics of the day are presented in a fun poem story.

Llama Llama Says Slow Down

That evening as I read the book to him, I noticed the rhythm of the words sped up to capture the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I felt like the teachers gave this book to us parents because the story was about all the wonderful things of the holiday season but how easy it is to do too much. The point of the story is that the holiday season needs to have more moments of rest and peace. In other words, to simply stop.

I love that story. Probably more than my child does but it is such a great reminder. As I look back over the years, my favorite moments of the Christmas season where I catch the spirit the most are the moments of stillness and peace. I love those cold and rainy afternoons with the flickering of candles and the warmth of the Christmas tree spent listening to Christmas music, drinking hot tea and reading in comfortable clothes. I capture the spirit in the magical moments of the only lights in our living room being Christmas lights. Moments like these make up my precious holiday memories.

One Sweet Christmas Memory

One sweet moment happened four years ago. I remember when Buckner was only about four months old and he was still waking up several times for feedings.  He woke one morning around 4:30. I was sleepy but it was two days before my baby’s first Christmas so I decided to make the early morning feeding a special moment. Going into the living room and  I turned on just  the Christmas tree lights. I watched him stare up at me while he ate with only the glow of the tree illuminating his precious face. Long after the feeding was done and he had fallen back asleep, I laid there with him on the couch. I forced myself to stay awake to capture the sweetness of the moment.  I laid there in awe of my baby thanking God for him, our family and this special Christmas.

Every season has the potential for these once in a lifetime moments. Be careful not to overlook these times because they are often the most simple moments. I pray you slow the hustle and bustle of the season to recognize and embrace the peace of the season.

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