Birthdays: Time for Reflection and Goal Setting

I love a great birthday celebration!  I try to stretch my celebrating out at least a week and a half.  Why not?  Life is fun  and every aspect should be celebrated. But in addition to the decorations, food indulgences and champagne, I also make time for some reflection and goal setting.  I see birthdays as your own personal New Year’s Day.  What do you want to accomplish in your year ahead?  How are you shaping your life each day into the one of your dreams?  Last year I posted a similar post (read it here) with reflection questions.  Today, I will answer my own questions as I reflect on last year to look forward to my first year in the Fabulous Forties!

Questions for Reflection
Did I accomplish my goals set from my last birthday?

Yes and no. I always set a lot of goals with the intention of accomplishing about 75% of them. I consider pushing myself with “reach” goals and meeting some of them a success. Some goals not yet accomplished will come over to this year and continue to push me to grow.

I had three top areas for 39: Grow younger, grow spiritually and grow as a writer.  I do believe I am healthier than last  year (grow younger). I eat even more vegetables and exercise more. I am still working on creating more space in my life to grow spiritually but being mindful and in the moment are top priorities every day.  And for the last area, I did grow as a writer. I successfully published in my blog every week this past year.  As always, I want to accomplish my goals while putting my family first which I did and continue to do.

Where do I want to be this time next year?

Honestly, so many great things have happened in my life this past year. We sold our house, I started a wonderful new job and our family is healthy and happy. I will work on my specific goals but I really want more of the same.

What do I want this year’s theme to be?

Love.  I love my family and new job. I want to make sure I find ways to love every day.  Our world needs more of love and kindness right now.

Looking at the areas of my life, what do I want to grow?

I want to grow in my new job. I have so much to learn and I am trying to soak it all up.

List my top 5  priorities for the upcoming year.
  1. Spirituality
  2. Family
  3. Finding and creating a beautiful home
  4. Growing in my profession
  5. Health
What things in my life do I need to remove to make more time for my priorities?

I do need to manage my time better to include more reflection and brainstorming. With all the new (and exciting) areas of my life, I have had moments where I feel like I am running from one project to the next without as much intention as I normally like to have. In the coming months, I will block off more time for reflection and planning.

How do I eliminate the negative and surround with myself with positive people and energy?

I am surrounded by so much positive energy on a daily basis with my new job.  The people I work with have a mission every day to lift others up.  My job is to do just that for others.  The energy is so life giving and full of hope every day.

What are the first few small steps in each of these areas that I can accomplish this month? Check in with these goals the first of  each month.

This goes back to time for reflection and planning. Each month, I will get back in the habit of setting and creating goals for myself. I will set small goals on the first of the month that will help me work up to the larger goals by the end of the year.

As you can see, the answers to these questions are not perfect nor complete. They are working answers that will grow and change as I move through this year. They allow some direction with room for revisions as needed.  My goal list is more specific but these are good reflection and big picture ideas to create life in those specific goals.  So many people shy away from these exercises because they don’t have the answers or the answers they have are not perfectly crafted. As a career coach and constant goal setter, I promise that goals do not have to perfect but they do have to be set.  Don’t deny yourself the beauty of a life with reflection.  Do it today, even if it isn’t your own personal New Year’s.  Any day is a good day to be intentional about creating the life you want!

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