My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Every morning I wake up and allow myself to look at Instagram for five minutes. Some say social media can encourage comparison which is the thief of joy. While there is some truth to this advice, my Instagram feed is carefully crafted by me and I get a daily dose of inspiration from these accounts. They encourage and motivate me. Here are my top accounts I follow that start my morning with happiness!

The Small Things – This blogger blogs about beauty and make up but also gives a good dose of wholesome family life.  She makes everyday beauty seem easy!

Emily Ley – Emily has the unique ability to make you feel like she is your closet friend cheering you to go after your goals at a slower and more intentional paces.  She helps me let go of the mom guilt of not being perfect!

Just a Girl and Her Blog – Abby and her husband are the reason why I had the courage to start my blog.  She makes blogging as a lifestyle and a potential career seem possible through sharing her personal story.  I am forever grateful!

MrsRachWalker – A local friend I met through friends but one of my favorite Instagram accounts. The quality of her posts are beautiful but more importantly she is brave enough to be real.  She puts her inspirational moments as well as her struggles.  Her posts are so encouraging!

The Secret – Daily posts that remind me to focus on gratitude and what I want in my life. Great way to start the day!

Busytoddler – Wonderful ideas to stay engaged with your young children while keeping them entertained!

The Thinking Branch – Another great daily dose of genuine inspiration from lessons she is learning in this journey of life.

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