Gratitude in the Daily Moments

Yesterday on the way home from school, I looked back at my sweet son and took a mental snapshot. The afternoon was the perfect fall afternoon. The sky was bright blue and the air crisp. I picked him up from school and we made it by the chiming clock on campus just in time to hear the 5:00 pm bells. I rolled down the window so he could hear it and looked back at him as he smiled with deep contentment. The sun poured in over his hair and in that moment, I took a mental snapshot. I froze the way he looked in my mind. I knew I always wanted to remember that moment. The sweet simple moments mean so much.

Our days are filled with those sweet moments but we have to pay attention to notice them. I remember getting the advice to stop and take mental snapshots throughout my wedding day. Of course, every bride knows how chaotic and overwhelming a wedding day can be but you want it to be special and you want to remember it. So I took that advice and throughout the day I would stop and purposefully take a mental snapshot. I still remember those moments and the way I felt in that instant today five years later.

I thought about that advice yesterday as I captured that moment with my son. Life goes by fast and it goes by even faster when we are constantly distracted and don’t take time to notice. Your day doesn’t have to be a milestone day to be special. You can and should feel gratitude for the moments that make up your life every day. Start the habit today. Make time to notice the things that make you happy and make a mental picture of it. Your gratitude will increase with this practice and so will your overall happiness. Happy Friday!


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