Finding Joy in Waiting

Most Americans don’t enjoy waiting. We are all about fast and efficient. We search for the fastest grocery check out line. Most of us get frustrated if our technology does not produce instant results. And we hate being held up in traffic. We want what we want and we want it now.

I have been thinking a lot about waiting this week. We sold our house about two months ago. The last few months of our lives have been about patience during the unknown. Yes, we are constantly waiting. We waited to see if our house would sell. We have had to be patient to see if our offers on new homes would be accepted.  When those offers didn’t go through, we had to brace ourselves for more waiting.

The Joy Found In The Wait

Early one morning this week, after another lost offer, I thought about how some of the most beautiful moments happen in the wait.This summer,  I dreaded leaving our home and moving into a temporary condo while we looked for our next house. Negativity is not something that I am comfortable with but I was very good at expressing my disappointment of not yet having our next house.

One day while expressing my sadness to a colleague, she related to me because she had recently been through the same thing with her family. They had lived in their tiny temporary condo for over a year as they looked. I was horrified! A year?!? But she smiled and said now that they look back, it was actually so much fun. She wished she would have realized how much fun it was during the time they were there. Ahhh the joy found in the wait.

Enjoy The Wait

My attitude changed in that instant. Whether we were there a month or a year, this was our life and special moments could happen at any time. Just last night as we played outside, I thought about all the sweet memories and moments we are creating in our temporary home. We are creating so many new happy traditions while  we wait.

So enjoy today as you are wanting that next dream to be a reality. Take a moment to be mindful. Soak up the good life. Even if you are in the longest grocery store line, be happy that you have a moment to count your blessings or just rest. Life isn’t about rush rush rush….the slow moments are the precious ones. Enjoy the wait!


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