Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today: 7 Easy Ways To Spread Kindness

Walking out of my son’s school the other day after dropping him off, I looked at the bulletin board outside his classroom. “Be the reason someone smiles today” was the theme. I smiled. What a great reminder for us to be kind today and how actually simple spreading kindness can be. I love that my son’s school celebrates kindness with lesson plans and even weeks dedicated on how to be kind. We need that today. With social media and the ease of putting out unkind sayings and opinions without thinking is the norm, we need more ways to spread joy and happiness to others. Kindness is simple. Here are seven (and free) easy ways to be the reason someone smiles today.

1. Be the first to smile. Smile at a stranger. Make eye contact. Say hello.

2. Listen. Sometimes people just need to feel heard. Just your presence is enough for people to feel like they mattered today.

3. Post something inspiring on social media. Use social media to spread joy and love.

4. Hug your children, a family member or a friend.

5. Do a chore or job that is usually someone else’s responsibility.

6. Text or even better, call, someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

7.  Write a thank you note just because.

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