Finding Joy in Stressful Weeks

How do you find peace and ultimately happiness during a chaotic time? I have a busy week this week full of good stressors but still a lot in one week. When so much is going on if you are not intentional about creating your week, the busy pace can quickly turn to negative stress. So what do you to make even the busiest weeks full of happy moments?

I personally turn to comforting and pampering myself. If I am tired and undernourished I don’t feel my best. During super stressful weeks, I make sure I look my best. Call it superficial but when I feel like I look good, it impacts my overall energy level. And we need lots of energy during stressful weeks especially if we are working mamas!

My Top Seven for Finding Happiness During Busy Weeks

Simple moments to hide away. For me, that means creating a cozy environment in my home to escape from it all.  I create my comfort with cozy lamps, soft blankets, and hot tea. I call it tucking myself away from the world. As much of an extrovert as I am, these moments make me feel safe and content.

Pampering. A few extra moments during stressful weeks can give you that additional energy surge you need.  This is the week to use the special make up, take a long bath, get your nails done, and wear those outfits that make you feel like you can take on any challenge!

Good food and good sleep. I know that long hours of good sleep for a working mama is a joke but  make an extra effort  during high stress times.  To get in bed early, I even let our 4-year-old crawl in bed with me to watch TV for a bit.  At least we are in bed and we sometimes even fall asleep earlier!

Prizes for stressful moments.  If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know I am a big believer in prizes. It works for children and yes, it still works for adults.  So when you cross the finish line and complete the projects and events for the week what is waiting for you?  I always have some type of reward at the end of a challenging time.  The knowledge of what I will treat myself with comforts me and put things in perspective.

Being in the moment. You can have the perspective that busy is bad and overwhelming which will be an energy depleting mindset.  Or you can flip your attitude and see that your life is full. Now of course too many busy periods are never good, but we all have those peak weeks where our work comes to fruition. Take the moment to fully immerse yourself in it and see how much fun you are having!

Meditation and prayer.  Even if you can only take five minutes, return to your breath and still your mind. Then thank God for all the good in your life and of course pray for peace!

May all your weeks, both busy and laid back, be filled with moments of happiness!

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