Fall is Here! 18 Ways To Be Mindful of The Goodness of Fall!

Y’all know I love goals. Goals about anything are where I find excitement and comfort. I love the process of planning. Yes, I even plan seasons. Planning is my way of being mindful. The process of thinking through the details makes me take the time to notice, anticipate and appreciate the moments that make up my days. By planning or setting goals, I am trying to capture the precious meaning of that time.

So like I said, yes, I have goals for a season. Goals make me happy! My seasonal goals actually are more of a fun list. Life has been hectic lately with selling our house, starting a new job and moving all at the same time. I had a panic moment the other day that fall was upon me without  giving much notice. Now the boxes are unpacked and I am settling into my job so time to focus on the importance of fall. Yes, I may be crazy but I am happy.

My List of !8 Fun Fall Things

My goal is to enjoy them all this season!

  1. Bake cinnamon apples
  2. Drink hot tea in big mugs
  3. Football parties
  4. Pumpkin patches and hayrides
  5. Fall Decor
  6. Discovery Walks (walks through the woods or neighborhood with Buckner…he calls them adventures)
  7. Eating outside in cool evenings
  8. Trick or Treat
  9. Eating my favorite fall candy (Mellowcreme pumpkins)
  10. Making seasonal food and crafts (we will attempt making caramel apples with Buckner for the first time)
  11. Watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
  12. Chili and other soups
  13. Pumpkin Spice Lattes (yes, I am a total PSL girl)
  14. Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Hand Soap
  15. Fall Hand Towels
  16. Magazines with fall themes and stories
  17. Cinnamon brooms in the grocery store (I don’t buy them because I don’t know what to do with them but I love the smell)
  18. Start planning for Christmas…the planning never stops

Publishing this list may excite some of my readers or help you all confirm I am truly fall crazy!

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