Jump in

The classroom was colorful and cheery. The day was an early summer day…beautiful and sunny. I was nervous walking in for him but I only tried to talk about all the fun times ahead. He looked so little to handle so much but children amaze me. They go in with confidence and rarely worry too much. A few minutes later, I left him playing in a new surrounding with very few children he knew. I felt like l left my baby with a bunch of friendly strangers, which I did.

But it made me think later on that day. How often do we, as adults, bravely embrace new adventures? Yes, it was just a summer camp but to a three year old with limited life experience it could have been a sail to the other side of the world. How often do we just trust and jump in? Children learn because of this quality. We can learn to do the same thing by embracing the same type of quality. Jump in!

New experiences can make you a happier person.  What have you been wanting to try lately but your routines or old habits hold you back?  You can start with something as simple as going to a new restaurant and ordering something that is far from your usual.  Experience the newness of life just like a young child approaches each day.  The world is big and full of miracles. Jump in to fully capture this adventure we call life!


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