You Have More Than 18 Summers With Your Child

Yes, sweet mamas there are more than 18 summers with our children. Many of you may have seen on social media earlier this summer an essay that was shared.  The piece  reminded us to enjoy each precious summer because we only had 18 summers with our children. With all respect to the author, I completely disagree. I debated whether or not to write in response because we mamas have to support each other but I finally decided to write on the topic from a different perspective.

If you are like me, you have developed a serious distaste for these posts designed to make us cry about our babies growing up. I understand the intent is to promote mindfulness as mothers so we appreciate every precious moment. However, there has to be a more upbeat way to communicate these lessons.

Most of the time I simply don’t read them. I appreciate my friends who, when they repost, as least warn us they are now crying their eyes out.That warns me to keep scrolling. For awhile, these pieces caused me not to be present in the moment but instead to be sad on a daily basis. Each article made growing up sound like something we should dread. As if once the last of the baby look fades from our children, we are no longer precious to them. This is just wrong!

Don’t misunderstand me. The baby and toddler years are so magical.  Every moment should be relished but the upcoming years have their special moments too! My mother always tells me that she loved me as a baby but never once wished for those years back because she loved every stage of my life. Today she tells me when I am upset over these articles, that if I was a baby she wouldn’t have the friend she has in me now. To quote her, she says, “I wouldn’t have my Casey.”

When we gave birth, we didn’t just agree to be mothers of babies. We gave birth to another family member who will be special to us all of his or her life. Motherhood is for life and each phase is special. If you are sad that the baby years are passing you by, you are really not enjoying the time. You can’t slow down time but you can savor it and fully immerse yourself into every sweet phase.

So you have more than 18 summers with your child. You have your child for life! Each summer will be special and unique. You are a mother for life, regardless if you have an 18-month-old or a 28-year-old. Take these early summers and develop a bond that will last a life time and enjoy all the seasons ahead!

As summer comes to a close, soak up those last days making happy memories!

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