How To Have Peace Through Anticipated Change

I learned a lot about how to have peace of mind through anticipated change in the last months of pregnancy. Preparing for a baby, of course, definitely means anticipating a huge life change. God knew what He was doing when by giving expected parents nine full months to prepare. The time seems long but you need every moment and then some. But I guess you are never fully ready for any big change until you just jump in!

But seriously like the saying goes, “Everything I need to know about life, I learned in kindergarten,” I now say, “Everything I need to know about expected change, I learned from being pregnant.”


The nesting behavior is true. I have always had a high desire to have a clean and orderly home but the drive kicks in even more so when you know you are about to bring a vulnerable little one into your environment. But beyond wanting a comfortable environment to bring our baby home to, I also needed it for us. I knew that our schedule would be hectic, sleep would be little to none and our anxiety of taking care of the love of our lives would be high as we tried to make sure we did everything right. I knew as I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more that I wanted to create a place of comfort for my husband and me. We would have our solace of our home as we learned our new world.

Now as I go through high stress times in my life or times of change, I revert back to the nesting mode. I want the house in order before the change arrives so that we all have a peaceful place as our retreat. Next time you have an anticipated change, make sure starting the journey with your home being a place of serenity. Even good change will make your life feel a bit chaotic for awhile. By putting order in your home, you will have a happy place to escape and rejuvenate.

Meal Prep

One of the best things about coming home with our son is how our family and friends showered us with love and FOOD! We had mulitple meals coming each day. We didn’t even have to think about cooking. In the South, of course, we love with food so this was just an extra expression of how much love surrounded us.

However, as a newly pregnant mama, you never expect an abundance of dishes arriving at your doorstep so you take the last month before your little one arrives to do some meal prep. The best thing most expecting mamas do is team up with a family member or friend to make some freezer meals. That way during those first few weeks of change, cooking is not another demand.

Food comforts and also keeps us healthy. Taking care of yourself during change will comfort you and make you thrive. When we know change is coming we know we are expecting the unknown so prepare yourself by doing as much as possible to make the first few weeks easy. If you can take a Saturday afternoon to put a few freezer meals up, the first few days or weeks will be easier and more relaxing allowing you to focus on the change.


When you are about to have a baby, there is very little you can do in that last month because of how physically uncomfortable you are but you can pamper yourself! Everyone actually expects a pregnant mama to take good care of herself.

I remember getting that last pedicure before Buckner arrived, knowing it would be awhile before I would break away to do it after he got here. Also, the dentist talked me into a crown even though I protested because she knew after baby came it would be awhile before I put myself first.

Get yourself set up for a change by a little extra pampering. Get a massage or have your nails done. Make sure you have your check ups in order. Update your hair or your wardrobe. However big or small make sure you do something to put yourself first so you feel great as you start a new adventure.

These are just a few of my favorite ways I comfort myself. Change is good but can be scary as it is the unknown so be a little extra kind to yourself! What do you do when facing change?

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