New Adventures with a Four-Year-Old!

My baby turns four today!  And what an amazing adventure we have had for the last four years!  As parents we strive every day to teach our children in hopes that they grow up to be caring and thriving adults.  Somewhere, though, in the midst of the daily teaching, hugging, cooking, playing, etc. I am the one growing and learning.  Baby boy you have taught us so much and continue to teach us.  So today as we celebrate four years of amazing love and look forward to years to come, I want to also celebrate your young wisdom.

You have renewed our sense of adventure.

When you see something new, without hesitation you excitedly say, “I want to try that!”  As adults we tend to let responsibility or fear or even sometime laziness get in the way of new experiences.  You remind me that life is for learning and experiencing.  I promise to keep trying things if you promise to always keep that same spirit!

Slow Down Mama

I have said it so many times but you teach me to slow down.  Since the time we brought you home from the hospital, our pace has been different. Some mamas go crazy from boredom on maternity leave as the days are full of a lot of home time. As active as I have always been, I feared how stir crazy I might go at home every day. I feared I would be sad from being away from the world. But you are our world.  Surprisingly, I loved the slow pace and having all my focus on my one priority: you.  Since that time four years ago, you still remind me through the way you immerse yourself in the simplest of things…life is not meant to be enjoyed fast but to be savored.

Always Fascinated

And because of your interest in so many life experiences, you are never bored.  Usually by this age, hear a child say, “I’m boreddddd.” I know I did!  But you amaze me because you can find entertainment in the smallest things.  All of life is fascinating to you!

Constant Energy

But this interest is fueled by a constant energy. Your dad and I are constantly on the run.  We stay creative in ways to run off that limitless energy because you keep us moving!  We don’t even have to worry about going to a gym or paying a personal trainer because we have our little three foot tall fitness coach.  And even though sometimes I would love to just sit in the evening on the patio with a glass of wine, running and laughing with you is far better!

Hugs and Stillness

Yet the energy then turns into the tightest and most intense hugs that anyone could ever give. So I love when you finally slow down and we end the day with lots of cuddles on the couch.  I made a rule to myself not to be on social media in your presence so I watch you while you watch Mickey Mouse. You taught me it is okay sometimes not to be distracted 24/7 but instead have moments of just stillness.

Looking Ahead To New Adventures With Our Four-Year-Old!

As we move into year four, I can’t wait to see what new adventures we will go on and what else you will teach us.  Yes, time is moving fast as they say but that just means we are having fun and being happy. I can’t slow down time so I will savor every single moment and wrap you up in my arms every minute I can.  I will carry you until my arms break and take pictures of you sleeping because those are the glimpses I catch of what you looked like as a baby.  But don’t think I would go back for a second to those baby days because while they were special, each day you become more of who you are as a person and we are so proud of our sweet son!  You are our buddy, our baby boy, our sweet Buckner!  We love you baby boy! Happy 4th Birthday!

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