My Pleasure! How to Offer the Best.

Do you get inspired to do good work in your own job by being around others providing outstanding customer service? I am inspired every time I pull through the drive through and hear a very sincere, “my pleasure.”


A simple phrase from Chik-fil-A staff that not only makes me feel valued as a customer but makes me want to work harder in my own job to make others feel valued. The management of the popular food chain will quickly tell you customer service is their priority, just like other businesses, but there is something special about Chik-fil-A. Customer service isn’t a fleeting idea when they are less busy but something they offer every day even during the lunch hour rush.

We visit Chik-fi- A a lot since our son has an egg allergy. Our local restaurant is one of few places that goes out of their way to keep Buckner safe from cross contamination. We always feel at ease that our child can enjoy a great meal without worry.¬†Beyond being impressed with how they handle food allergies, I wonder how the staff never appears to be tired or overwhelmed. Sincere smiles always welcome us. The staff makes extra effort only a daily basis, sometimes in miserable circumstances. For example, the staff will even greet us with an umbrella when during a storm. And our visits never end without hearing a genuine “my pleasure.”

What If Doctors Don’t Give Their All?

I think about good customer service a lot and how it is contagious. A couple of years ago while in the emergency room with my grandmother, I saw a sign. The words on the sign have stayed with me. It read, “Remember the last patient of the day is just as important as the first.” A wonderful reminder that even though the staff may be tired, the last person needs the same quality medical attention the first one received when their energy was at the highest. We expect doctors to give us their all….we depend on it. We also want great service while out shopping or eating. But do we always give that same level of service we require?

When the day has been long and the week has been longer, I think about how great customer service feels to me. I then pull up my energy and treat my last student appointment of the day like my first one. Because I want to be the best version of myself, I work harder to do just a little something extra. I want to spread happiness which is often so easy to do!¬† When people work with me, I hope they smile like I do when I hear the phrase, “My pleasure.”

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