Surround Yourself with Positive People

Surround yourself with positive people to be successful at work and life

Do you have a colleague you miss? I have a few. These people are the ones you laugh with but they  also are the ones that inspire you. One of the people I am talking about left our university for a dream job a little over a year ago. Ever so often, we would have big dream talks. He would come into my office to ask a question then sit down. An hour later we would be motivated and rejuvenated to conquer the world. He was just that kind of positive person.

What Energy Do You Want?

When I work with my students, I tell them that they are only as successful as the people they surround themselves with. You know what I mean too. Think about it. Remember a time you were around someone who was negative. Maybe they complained a lot. Maybe they only saw the bad in a situation. The person could be abusive in her language to others or about others. However the negativity came out, it created an energy. How did that energy make you feel? Sometimes you won’t even realize it until later but when I am around that type of person, I feel drained. Positive thoughts become murkier and I feel like I have consumed something toxic. Oxygen leaves the room. Yet, so many of us allow these people in our lives. What does it do for us? It only creates more obstacles to becoming the best version of ourselves.

Now think of the opposite side. Think about a person who is a constant source of joy. Maybe their joy is an exuberant type or maybe it is a calming, tranquil version. But either way, you feel joy when in the presence of this person. If you talked to this person, negative gossip isn’t the topic of the conversation but uplifting stories, tips and inspiration make up the exchange. You leave feeling energized like you have been eating healthy for a month. New ideas are formed. You, yourself, become more creative because of the exchange.

Try It

What if we reduced or completely eliminated negative people from our lives and surrounded ourselves with the most positive and intelligent people we know? What would happen? Try it and find out…you have nothing to lose and only happiness to gain!


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