A Day At The Spa

Oh I splurged last week. This mama was running on fumes. I finally felt my stress bursting out of me causing me to snap and cry at the smallest things. But oh what can a day at the spa do…or an hour and a half! And how I don’t feel guilty for spending way too much money on products that will change my life.

You hear the experts tell you to take care of yourself first and sure, you think, that is a great idea but how many times do we put that in practice. I know I count on one hand the times I have done so this year.

Well last week I did. Finally I had waited too long and I needed a moment so when the e-mail came  for a discounted hair cut at a spa I love in town, I jumped on it. An hour and a half later, I felt like a new woman.

What is it about a spa that just makes you feel like you can do anything? I feel like yes! I need to take better care of myself. I see things in a different perspective. I feel more inspired and I want more of it. I love pampering and I deserve it.  Take time for yourself today mama and in the weeks ahead, make sure you schedule more time.  We take care of all the people we love in our lives so it is important we have some self love too!  Happy Tuesday!

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