A Toast to Setbacks

“I am stopping to pick up some champagne before heading home.”

That was the text I sent my husband after a long, awful day.  The day had started off bad but just ended up getting worse with a pretty big setback.  The series of events that escalated all day almost became comical because they were so bad.  But when the clock finally turned to 5:00pm, I was feeling optimistic….tired but hopeful.

No, I wasn’t going home with a bottle of champagne in hand to drink away my sorrows. I was going to have a toast because I was grateful for the setbacks that had occurred during that day. Now in complete honesty, I do naturally have a high set point of optimism. Sure, I get depressed, sad, overwhelmed, etc. But it doesn’t take long for me to see the happier side of a situation.  And that is exactly how I was feeling at 5:00pm that day.

But I was feeling more than optimistic that evening, I was feeling grateful. I was grateful for the setback, that at first glance, looked like lost opportunity. Losing the opportunity disappointed me but I have lived long enough to know that hindsight is always better. You can’t always see the blessing the day of or even months after the setback but it is comforting to know years later you will. One day you will feel so content in your present moment in life and in that moment you will know that all the opportunities gained and lost had to occur to get you to that point.

Therefore that night I toasted my loss and made plans for new goals for the future.  The game wasn’t over, I just took a new path. Cheers!

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