How To Have A Slow Mindset In A Fast Pace World

Why is the “slow pace” mindset so popular these days? There are blogs about it (featured a lot in this one), there are books about it and there are lifestyles dedicated to it. I was thinking about the life philosophy the other day after seeing an Instagram post about the mindset. After years of rush, rush, rush, many of us are pushing back for a more intentional and meaningful life. No longer are we just trying to see how much we can fill our planners, instead we are now trying to see how much white space we can create within those pages.

The Pendulum Swings

I guess as a human race, it may take us a while, but we are pretty good at achieving balance. So the “you can do everything mindset” was the trend for a few years. While the intention was good by encouraging people to go after all of their dreams, we became gluttons for too much after awhile.  We all ran after everything. But now we realize maybe we don’t want everything. Maybe we just want the important things….we want meaning.

The Slow Mindset at Work

Not every one has boarded the slow train. For those of us that are trying to slow down and be more intentional, we also have to navigate a tricky situation when others around you don’t subscribe to the new philosophy. So how do you embrace this lifestyle and still please your boss, who may or may not be thrilled with the more insightful you?

  • Don’t brag about it. And don’t expect others to follow suit if you talk to them about it.
  • Be fiercely protective of your time.  Block out time to manage your calendar.
  • Be slow to answer to requests. You don’t want to say no automatically because that isn’t viewed as a team player but too many yeses will land you back in their world of rush, rush, rush.
  • Set goals at work that make you excited.  Make sure as many activities are structured around those goals and you will feel more intentional. Read Essentialism for more inpsiration!

The Slow Mindset at Home

Summer is a great time to practice slowing down. The season was built around rest and relaxation. Here are some things I am doing to create memories this summer while being more intentional and focused on what matters most to me.

  • Pool time. Nothings says summer like a lazy afternoon at the pool.
  • Popsicles, sno cones and sundaes…bring the special into an ordinary afternoon.
  • Spending the evening catching lightning bugs with our three year old son slows down everything and brings all important things into perspective.
  • Breakfast picnics on the patio. We spend longer on breakfasts on the weekend.  It is so much fun to have a picnic at this time when the day is fresh and not so hot outside.
  • Picnics in the living room.  We love a pizza picnic and movie night in our family!
  • Coffee time outside.  Even on weekday mornings, I step outside for five minutes with a cup of coffee and I feel happy.
  • Cookouts.  Any day of the week is made more festive with a cookout.
  • Farmers Markets.  There is something so special about local farmers market. Another tradition that just screams summer to me.
  • Running through sprinklers. Yes, you too! Join in with your kids on this summer activity. Simple but full of joy!
  • Extra days off. Now is the time to not let those days go to waste.  Yes, use them for vacations like the beach but being off some days around your town can be just as relaxing.


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