Sweet, Sweet Summertime: A Welcome Change of Pace

Summertime Pace

The first day back to work after vacation is always the hardest, right? But this time wasn’t too bad. I truly escaped all the racing thoughts that preoccupy my mind on a daily basis while at the beach for five days. When I came back some realizations came to me which made the day back more enlightening than depressing.

That afternoon while playing with Buckner in our backyard after work, I realized summer needs to be different. Our pace should be different to mark the change. As we ran back and forth sweating while chasing a half deflated soccer ball, I didn’t feel stressed. Buckner was laughing. We were running away from mosquitos. Birds were chirping and the humidity was thick. Life was good right then even hours away from the beach. Life was good because I wasn’t rushing to do a 1001 chores that are my typical nightly routine during the fall.

Don’t get me wrong. I love making our home and our daily lives run smoothly so that every one is comfortable. I find joy in it. Yet, it is still hard work. And just like you need a vacation from work, you need a vacation from the daily grind too.

Summertime Schedule Change

With Buckner’s egg allergy, I cook all his meals/snacks needed for school the next day either mostly on the weekend or each evening. This summer, I don’t have to do that which is giving me more play time with our family. Time to spend another half hour on the patio playing in the sprinkler or going to the park.

Work has a different pace too. So I don’t feel quite as stressed on a daily basis. And housework can take a back seat for a few days here and there. Our house still looks pretty clean but this mama can’t be a robot every day.

The Good Life

I saw a beautiful Instagram post the other day by my friend (rachelrewritten.com). She posted a picture of her dining table with a caption that read her goal this summer was to fill that the seats as many times as possible with people she loves. Just for the summer, she will drop her need to be perfect. Wine may be served out of red solo cups and laundry may be still on the couch, but perfectionism will not hold her back from sharing laughs and making memories with the important people in her life. What a wonderful goal for the summer!

After reading her Instagram post, I put that on the top of my summer fun list! What a great goal to have! Drop the need for perfectionism and relax into the summer with the people you love. Open my doors more times than ever and fill our home with more joy than ever.

After a summer of relaxation, I will be ready to return to the routine of the school year but for now you can find me running in flip flops chasing a half deflated soccer ball with my laughing three year old.

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