Life Lessons From My Three Year Old

I have learned a lot of life lessons in the almost four years since my son was born. In an effort to take in every moment, I try to be purposeful in slowing down and really noticing him. My three year old has taught me a lot about how to fully live the good life simply by just being himself.

Life Lessons By Buckner:

  1. You should always turn up good music loud so you can “jam out”
  2. Driving (or in his case, riding) with the windows down is always the best
  3. Always prioritize time for play
  4. Treat yourself to cookies (as often as your mommy will let you)
  5. Run and dance a lot (you will be energized by the cookies)
  6. Bubbles are always magical
  7. Stay away from the “bad boys,” let the “police get them” (adult translation: stay away from the toxic people)
  8. The beach should always be your happy place
  9. Be confident and know you are awesome (if we could all have the confidence of a 3-year-old)
  10. And know, no matter what, hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy make everything better!
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