Why Three-Year-Olds Are Awesome!

All my friends were talking about how they couldn’t wait for graduation and I was the exact opposite. It was our sophomore year in high school. Sure, I was excited about the prospect of graduating but I also loved the moment I was in. Weren’t we all 8th graders wishing to be in high school just a minute ago? We finally got there so I wanted to enjoy it!

“You have always enjoyed the moment you were in,” my mom told me around the same time. And she was right. I don’t like to rush time. I love to enjoy each life’s phase.  Fast forward now to adulthood/parenthood and those same friends are wishing for time back. They are the ones that are constantly posting pictures of their babies with #don’tgrowup or #slowdowntime.  So now they want to go back in time. Excuse the sarcasm, but will they ever be happy?

Immerse Yourself In Every Phase

When Buckner was a baby I immersed myself in the first year.  The first year was beautiful. I feel like I remember almost every single moment.  Now years two and three have been different but equally as beautiful. Each phase gets better and better. As a mother, my pet peeve are those articles about  wishing your babies will not grow up too fast and reminding us to take in the moment. They make me so sad.  To me those articles are communicating one of two things. One, only babyhood is the special time or two, that we are all to ignorant to enjoy the present moment.  Maybe some need those melancholy reminders designed to evoke tears but I don’t.  Maybe those same people who were wishing for graduation wrote those articles.

About when Buckner was two, I was going through a sad period because babyhood was indeed slipping away as it does and I had read too many of those tear jerker articles.  Then my mom reassured me. She told me that she enjoys every phase I am in.  “Sure, I loved and cherished you as a baby but if you were still a baby, I wouldn’t have my Casey that you are today.”  So I am here today to post a reminder for all you mamas out there who are grieving the baby days on why having a three-year-old is just as great!

Why My Three-Year-Old Is Awesome

  1.  Those are his words…if you ask him he will say he is “Awesome.” Score one for three-year-olds because babies can’t call themselves awesome! 🙂
  2. He runs to me at the end of the school day and jumps into my arms. He gets so excited to see me and now can finally express it.
  3. The ever increasing vocabulary now lets us see what he has been observing the last year but did not have the words to communicate it. The other day he was telling me about his feelings about last Easter and he remembered every detail!  I had no idea at two he was paying that close of attention but at three he can tell us.
  4. He cuddles like crazy and now says, “I love you!”
  5. Three-year-olds show a ton of empathy. Buckner sincerely worries if someone is hurt or sad.
  6. He is fun to play with and loves to help with household chores and shopping.
  7. He has opinions and gets excited about upcoming events!
  8. I can still dress him in outfits I want him to wear. Although every day his opinion gets stronger so this is a losing battle on my side.
  9.  He has fun toys!
  10. The things he says are book worthy and keep us laughing.
  11. He is my constant little buddy.  He can hold a conversation and his imagination amazes me.

I am loving the three-year-old life until the moment he turns four.  And when we get to four, a new adventure will begin and as my mother taught me I will enjoy every phase he is in!

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