Mini Inspiration Breaks

Do you take mini inspirational breaks during the day?  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about daily indulgences and while inspirational breaks are similar, these are designed to inspire you again when you are feeling overwhelmed or in need of some motivation.

I know you probably think you don’t have time to take breaks to indulge yourself in inspiration but if you are thinking that then you need it that much more. When we are at our craziest is usually the time we need even more encouragement. I had a counselor friend tell me one time, “When you don’t have time to meditate, mediate even more.” In other words when you think you don’t have time to meditate or take care of yourself then that is the time you need self care most. Same goes with inspiration. When life gets so overwhelming, you need inspiration, creativity, and motivation.

I realize that I find myself naturally gravitating to inspirational messages, people, and ideas throughout my day. It is kind of my job (I get paid to coach people to accomplish their dreams) but I instinctively love to be inspired. But I realized today, during a busy time, that I take breaks throughout the day to re-inspire myself.

Here is how it works for me…I do a power hour or power 30 (30 minutes) of intense focused work. Then I take a mini inspiration break which lasts about 10 – 15 minutes. You would be surprised how inspired and refreshed you are and ready to work again after your break.

What Inspires Me:

A walk without a cell phone so I can think

Desk meditation or yoga

Read sources that get me inspired. For me it is anything with the Law of Attraction or other working mothers.

Social media inspires me,especially Instagram but I try to follow only accounts that give me a lift and not ones that I tend to use for comparison.

Make lists/check back in with my goals

What do you do?  I love new ideas!




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