Daily Indulgences

What do you do every day to indulge yourself?  I am a big believer in daily treats.  I read a reminder the other day to make sure you allow yourself a little bliss every day by giving in to treats. I realized after I read that quote that I don’t really  have to remind myself.  I don’t understand people who naturally gravitate to only allowing themselves indulgences for big celebrations. My natural inclination is to find any reason I can to celebrate. I rarely let a day go by without treating myself.

I am not talking huge shopping sprees (although that would be fun) but rather the small things that give meaning to our days and comfort to our souls. My daily indulgences include…

Cozy coffee in the morning with a blanket and devotional or….

Coffee on the patio on warm weekend mornings

Coffee at a coffee shop and a great conversation, a book or a moment to write (can you tell I like coffee?)

A good candle

A long hot bath with a book/magazine

A walk

Music while cooking dinner

Playing with my sweet family

Night time cuddles with my little man

Lunch or dinner out

Good dark chocolate

Pioneer Woman, Food Network or HGTV

Enjoying a glass of wine

What are some of your treats?  Are you indulging yourself every day? If not, start now!

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