We Need Play Too!

“Play toys with me mama.” Oh the sweet voice of my son competing with the million voices going on in my head. The first thing I heard in my mind was the mantra that has been playing on repeat lately, “Children are not a distraction from the most important work but rather they are the most important work.” Obediently, I followed that advice and went into my son’s room to play. But I wasn’t all there. My mind was racing. I had so much to do to get ready for the week. If first I could get it all done then I could play with an eased mind. But then again there is always something to be done.

I chose him instead and played while guilt flooded my mind. I don’t think he noticed but I was feeling guilty that I really wanted to do other things. I was also feeling guilty that I wasn’t completely present in this sweet moment. But I persisted and played. And then something funny happened. After about 15 or 20 minutes of me forcing myself to be present, I finally got into the play. I relaxed and found myself being in the moment while I truly enjoyed playing and being with my sweet little guy.

Time to Prioritize Play

Normally, I love my weekend reset and prep for the week routine. I love starting the week with lots of meals cooked, the laundry done and the house organized. However, lately the comfort of the weekend prep has become more of a grind. Even though coming home on Monday evening to food already cooked and a clean house makes the start of the week a lot easier, I have become to feel robotic. I need rest. We all need play.

With the spring weather starting to bloom, I am craving a change in routine. While I still value the prep before the week starts, this past weekend I chose play. I chose to do as few errands as I could get by with and yes, Monday started with a disorganized house. But my spirit felt renewed because we chose joy and fun. My husband and I reminded ourselves this weekend that we work so hard because we want to live the good life which means we have to stop working sometimes to enjoy the good life.

Kids are so good a prioritizing play. When do we lose that ability? I love that our little guy is reminding us to bring back that priority and remember we work to live not live to work. Go outside and play today!

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