7 Ways To Refocus On Your Goals

Life gets busy. Big goals take time. In the midst of a busy life and the time it takes to achieve our goals, we may forget about what we are aiming for or get sidetracked. As I mentioned before, I teach and do career counseling so my life is structured by the university semester. And this semester seems to have ran away from me. I can barely grab the reins and it is already almost spring break.  Each semester, life and work seem to get a little bit busier. So with the chaos of the season, I have to work extra hard to focus on the essential otherwise I am not working with purpose but rather just staying busy with the nonessential.

I have read that many people lose momentum on their new year’s goals by February (get more inspiration¬†here).¬† Since I teach career development and goal setting, I remind myself I need to practice what I convince others to do. Therefore yesterday, in the midst of a way too busy schedule, I cleared thirty minutes to refocus, organize my space and my brain.

Before I do anything I need to organize. If my space is clear then my head is free of clutter as well. I also am more inspired when I am surrounded in a beautiful space. So after I organize, here are the things that get me jump started:

Time to Dream

1. First schedule some time.

A day off to focus and get back on track would be ideal but if you had a day off to meditate on your goals you probably wouldn’t be sidetracked. So take even a few hours or at least half an hour. Grab a notebook and a planner. …

2. and with that notebook, dream.

Write down what your big goal is and brainstorm what it feels like to achieve it. Then make a list of every tiny step you need to take to make it happen. Next start plugging in those tiny steps in your planner. You need a timeline to hold yourself accountable.

3. Don’t stop there…look at that planner….are there things on there that need eliminating?

Just like decluttering our physical space to help us think clearer, decluttering our life of noise and things that don’t make us happy is critical. If you can take it out, do it!

4. Surround yourself by inspiration.

Read books or blogs about others who are achieving similar dreams. Most likely someone has done something similar to what you are trying to achieve so there is some type of road map for you. Read!

5. Make sure the people around you are cheerleaders.

Talk to a few trusted friends or family members about what you are trying to accomplish. You need a support system.

6. Visualize.

Create a vision board or something you can see every day. When we get busy we can forget but you need to remember what your goals are each day. A visualization is so helpful.

7. Stay positive and grateful.

I am a big believer in the law of attraction. And two main components are to believe (be positive) that you can have what you want and be grateful through the process!

I hope these tips jump start you back on the right path. What other things do you do to get back on track? We don’t want to just work for the sake of working but instead work with intention!

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