Be Kind….Our Country Needs It

One Step in the Right Direction? Let’s Start with Kindness…

My heart is breaking and full of fear as I write this post. I even feel afraid to even write these words because to speak of something so horrific is almost like speaking more horror into existence. But I write anyway because that is how I deal with emotions and writing is pretty much the only power I really feel like I have. Before you decide to stop reading my words because many of you know my political stance, keep going….this isn’t a political post. I am not going to talk about policy or gun rights. That conversation needs to happen among our politicians on both sides who need to make real effort to do something to protect our children. My post today is more on what we can all do…we can start with kindness. Regardless on what side we stand on, we all love our families and never want to see a school or public shooting happen like this again. We may feel powerless at this time but we all have the power to be kind.

Let’s Do More than Debate on Social Media

I, like many others, have spent a lot of time on Facebook the last few days. I witnessed debates on both sides. There was even a meme that depicted the Facebook behavior where we all will debate this issue for at least a week then we will all go quiet. I have been there. You feel like when you plead your case on Facebook maybe the right politician will finally hear you. You feel like you might change someone’s mind. But instead I witnessed people get angrier and dig into their stances more. Feelings are hurt and the only thing accomplished is long status updates that are more insults than opinions.

…but be an Activist!

Now I am certainly not saying don’t be an activist. Please keep fighting for what you believe in but while you are fighting please remember to be kind. Our country needs more kindness than ever. Bullying, calling names, posting hateful memes, making fun of others….the list goes on. None of these things ever brought on positive change. They only exacerbate a bad situation and blind us from seeing what really needs to be done. In some cases, these harsh actions have caused people already struggling with mental illness to act in violent ways. I am not saying that bullying always causes violence but it certainly never helps the situation.

So while we teach our kids to be kind to one another let’s remember that applies to us grown ups too. Let’s all find a way to have civil conversations (which rarely can happen through social media where tone is often lost through the hastily typed text). Our kids deserve a solution and the only way we will find one is to not give up. We have to find a solution and that means coming together.

“I will go and be brave and pray.”

Why do we have to do this? Because unlike other childhood fears, like monsters in the closets, gunmen are real. I saw on Facebook a seven-year-old child told his mother he was scared to go to school. She and her husband told her son they have to go to work and so he has to go school. And that precious child answered, “I will go and be brave and pray.” I can barely write those words because of the tears blurring my eyes. Precious babies should not have to say they will be brave to go to school.

Thankfully our child is so young he doesn’t know about the Florida shooting. But in a few years, this mama will be scared to send her child to school every day. Is this what an active war zone feels like? Y’all we are better than this….we have to do something. I don’t ever want my child at seven years old to be afraid to go to school and I know you don’t want that for your children either. Let’s come together. The first step is being extra kind….our country needs it.

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