Slow Down….for Lent

Slow down mama…especially during Lent. I tell myself those words a lot. If you go through my blog you will see that phrase as a theme through my posts. I think a lot of us are going through a reinvention to not do more but to do what matters more. Slowing down to focus on life priorities is a lesson that takes constant practice. I don’t think you just get it and get to keep that mindset in our society’s busy pace. You have to remind yourself as a practice. A practice that can be incorporated into the Lenten season.

I had to slow down yesterday. I was sick with a bad sinus infection. As I went home both my husband and mother told me to rest and not dare clean. They know me too well. I never thought of myself as the self sacrificing type but more that I love my family so much and want things to be so perfect. But I followed orders and napped and watched tv all afternoon. It was wonderful. I slowed down.

Yesterday I also thought about how to incorporate that mentality into the Lenten season. How can I grow spiritually by slowing down? I have always been one to give up chocolate, sodas, or go on a diet during Lent. If I want to be totally truthful, I was out to seek physical gain with those denials. I wanted to lose weight! But Lent isn’t about denying for selfish gain but about growing and gaining in your spiritual life.

As working mamas, we do a lot and juggle a lot. I pray that we can use this Lenten season to eliminate the uncessary so that we may do the most important work.I hesitated to write on such a spiritual topic such as Lent because I am definitely not an expert but I am seeking growth in my spirituality so maybe my ideas and journey will help another mama out there! Here are some of my ideas to grow and nourish your soul during this reflective season.

Give up social media first thing in the morning.

I am the worst on this one! I try to not check social media in front of Buckner so the first thing I do in the morning is check it while he is still asleep. During Lent, I will make a practice of reading my devotional and using my social media time for prayer. I guess I will have to find another time to get caught up on all things social!

Give up checking your e-mail at home or taking work home.

I don’t check mine at home but I do know for some it can be addicting. Sometimes working a little from home is inevitable but challenge yourself to plan so that when you go home you are truly home and can focus on the family that has missed you all day!

Give up an hour of tv in exchange for family fun time.

I like tv. It helps me relax in the evening. I am such an extrovert that even if I am reading or doing something else, I want the tv on for the energy it creates in a room.  So I would never tell you to stop watching it all together….I don’t want to be a hypocrite. But I will say the evenings where we had an increase in play time and family togetherness, we had a happier child who had less meltdowns. More quality family time is always a good thing!

Give up feeling guilty for not being able to do it all.

There was a mama video on Facebook the other day that said instead of going to bed every night thinking about all you didn’t get done, think about what you did do.  What a great mind switch!  And when we feel better about ourselves, we are naturally better people to be around!

Give up resenting the endless amount of chores.

I was tired the other night and didn’t want to unload/reload the dishwasher but this time instead of rushing through the chore, I intentionally focused. I focused on the sweet little dishes that my young son uses and remembered standing in the same place not too long ago washing bottles waiting for his arrival. I thanked God that we had so much food to eat causing us to have so many dishes.  I prayed and remembered and prayed and remembered. Instead of feeling stressed and tired after the chore was done, I felt happy and at a peace.  It is all about attitude and how we approach things!

How will you grow this Lenten season? I love to hear your ideas!


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