Be Fearless in 2018

I started on my walk and began to pray. My walks usually are filled with unorganized prayer as I list things I need God to help me with. But today was different. I decided to walk and to intentionally  quiet the constant chatter that fills my brain during my waking hours. I said, “God, I’m listening.”  I didn’t actually expect to hear anything from God. At most, I thought I would have to spend my walk chasing the chatter out of my brain but immediately the word “fearless” came to me.

Fearless Isn’t My Word

Fearless isn’t my word. As I much as I hate to admit it, the word “fearful” better describes me. I am a chronic worrier. If I hear of something bad happening to others, I worry it could happen to us. Hypochondria and I constantly fight.  I usually take the safe route when given the option. And while I am better now than I use to be, I still fear.

Fearless Pushes Me

The word fearless made me uncomfortable. But the thought persisted as thoughts inspired by God usually do.  Should fearless be my word for the year?  I planned on “healthy” being my word for 2018 because that sounded fun but now I realized while healthy is a good theme for year, it was a safe word for me. Safe because (thank God) I am healthy as is my family and for the most part we live healthy lifestyles. Healthy didn’t push me like fearless.

Fearless Scares Me, But Excites Me Too

I actually laughed out loud as I walked because I found myself arguing with God in my mind. The word fearless scared me. Ironic, huh? If I stopped worrying and really freed myself what would happen?  My chronic worrying side of me kicked in and I immediately thought, “What if bad things happened?” If something bad happened, I would want to be scared and if I committed to fearless I couldn’t worry. Clinging to fear is my fake sense of control over the unknown. But as I thought more on the word, excitement also started to rise in me. Forget the potential for bad, what opportunities would come? What joy would I experience? How creative would I be if my days were not filled with worry? I might be a better wife, daughter and friend because I would be present in the joy of the moment. I know I would definitely be a better mom by teaching our son that life is to be enjoyed not lived in fear.

Fearless is Freeing

I am an optimist and a happy person but being fearless really could open up an exciting year for me. God has blessed me and taken wonderful care of me for 39 years. Why not really trust Him to continue doing what He has done all my life? What would a year look like if lived without fear? As I walked, I realized it meant I am going to say yes to opportunities that will help me grow while bringing me new and exciting experiences. I loved the idea of my days being consumed of the what if thoughts but this time the what ifs were are all about the good things that could be the outcomes of the unknowns. Living without fear is living with freedom.

Fearless in 2018

Being fearless means not worrying about all the bad things that could happen but instead focusing on all the wonderful things that will happen. Being fearless means thriving and really enjoying this beautiful life. After all, fear never stops bad things from happening, it just keeps you from enjoying the great things.

So I am taking a deep and brave breath to say cheers to an exciting year!  Here’s to a healthy and FEARLESS 2018!

Cheers to a healthy and FEARLESS 2018!

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