27 Simple Ways to Embrace Holiday Joy

Ever notice we have catch phrases about the holidays? One you will never hear me using is the phrase about trying to survive the holidays. I don’t really buy into the idea of stress during Christmas. Sure, I know it exists but because I love the time so much, I don’t want to associate negative descriptions like chaotic or stressful with the holidays. I am not saying I don’t have moments of feeling a little overwhelmed but for the most part I try to keep them in check so that I can truly the capture the quiet peace of the season.

Looking for inspiration to enjoy Christmas in a slower way?  Here are 27 simple ways to capture the joys of the season and steal some quiet time too!

1. Sip on a holiday tea (spice tea is my favorite….I may or may not accidentally drop some wine into it on occasion!).

2. Drink from a holiday mug (I always pull out my Santa Claus cup for my coffee every morning).

3. Speaking of mornings, schedule at least 10 minutes of quiet time for prayer, gratitude and reflection. I do this with my cup of coffee and my twinkling tree.

4. Listen to Christmas music at work. Specifically, instrumental pieces have a certain ability to give you a calming peace.

5. Have a Christmas movie night with hot cocoa and popcorn.

6. Sit with just the Christmas lights on.

7. Put a bowl of oranges, apples, nuts and chocolate out. My grandmother and mother have always done this tradition so it instantly feels like Christmas and comfort to see a bowl of these classic holiday foods.

8. Enjoy making Christmas cards. I do them while listening to Christmas music and drinking tea (there is a lot of tea drinking for me during this season).

9. Go on a walk without a cell phone. I make mine a prayer walk which gives me time to think and take in all the special moments that are occurring around me.

10. Set a budget and make a shopping list. Often the material expectations of us heighten our stress levels. Find other ways to plan here.

11. Bake cookies or make candy with your family and friends.

12. Go for a drive to take in all the Christmas lights.

13. Have a pajama party in the living room with the tree.

14. Go to a few traditional events like Christmas parades, shows or parties but don’t feel the need to go to them all. Choose your favorite.

15. Find peace in Church. Church this time of the year feels even more comforting with the glow of the Advent candles.

16. Do something for charity. It doesn’t have to be big but the act will help you feel the generosity of the season.

17. If you enjoy wrapping, spread it out over the season so you can really enjoy it and not rush through it.

18. Schedule plenty of moments at home. You need time to rest and just slow down. Slowing down is a big part of enjoying Christmas to me.

19. Watch all the old classics you watched as a child. My favorite thing about this season is watching my child’s eyes while he watches shows I loved as a child like Frosty and Rudolph.

20. Go on a date! Something about the holidays make date night with my husband even more romantic.

21. Light candles. Watch the flame dance. The simple act can be very calming.

22. Look through old pictures and watch videos of holidays past.

23. Call old friends and family members.

24. Take a bath with a holiday scented bath wash…the simple things make me happy! Light a candle and turn on some Christmas music and you have an at home Christmas themed spa experience!

25. Fuzzy socks…enough said.

26. Color or make a craft. My mom loves the smell of Crayola crayons at Christmas and a fresh coloring book. The same love is in me today. Lose yourself in a childlike activity that has only one purpose…fun.

27. As always, take care of yourself. You can’t enjoy the holidays if you are tired or feel like you look haggard. Sleep, eat healthy, drink lots of water and do something to make yourself feel special. I love sparkly jewelry and a great manicure this time of the year.

Most importantly, don’t get caught up in just saying the holidays are chaos. Our words we speak become our truth and reality. If you feel chaotic, you have the power to put on the breaks to enjoy the special season. Slow down and savor. Moments like the holiday seasons make up our special memories. Embrace!

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