To The Working Mom Chronically Late

I have a confession to make.  I use to be that person that would judge parents for being late to work.  I was heartless. Pre-parent me did not understand nor excuse their behavior for being late.  I would think, yes, they have responsibilities as a mom or dad but we all have responsibilities. I would go on thinking they need to prioritize and balance so that they can be at work on time like the rest of us. Absolutely awful…I know.

Now, three years into my parenting adventure, I have probably arrived on time ten mornings.  I try to be on time. I wake up at 5am, sometimes 4:45am, to get everything done. I do things at night so that mornings aren’t rushed. I get dressed before my child wakes up. Trust me, I have read all the tips for a successful morning and even wrote on some.  While those tips do help, they don’t account for two things. One, a determined child and two, parents who try to squeeze every last sweet moment they have with that determined child before separating for eight to nine long hours.

I am ashamed of my pre-parent self. I now feel the relentless eye brow raises when I come in late yet another day. I hear the snide remarks of people judging me but I guess it is only fair…it’s my turn.  But those looks and remarks stay weak in comparison to my child who begs me to hold him just a little longer in the morning.  The pressure I feel to get to work on time is pushed to the far back of my mind when my child has tummy troubles in the morning.  And I only feel mommy guilt when my child starts to cry when being rushed.  I have a few moments in the morning with him and I am taking every single minute.  As a parent, I am just as efficient and productive as I ever was but I just start ten minutes later on most days.

These days I am slower to judge in all circumstances.  Give people more grace.  You will be surprised what you learn when you truly listen to what is going on with them.  It is always easy to think what you might do in a certain situation but the reality is often very different.  At least that judgement taught me a lesson that I try to live more today….slow to judge, quick to understand. May we all give each other a little more understanding this holiday season and in the new year!

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