Happy Birthday! Your Very Own Personal New Year’s!

Birthdays are big to me but really so is any celebration.  My birthdays are especially meaningful to me not only because of all the fun the day (or days in my case) includes but because I see it as my own personal new year’s.

I use birthdays to be a new benchmark for myself. I look back over the blessings and joys the last year has had and then I look forward to set goals for myself to intentionally design the upcoming year. The dreaming and goal setting portion of my birthday is just as exciting as the cake and presents! I want to be intentional with how I am living and appreciating my life. So each year, I reflect on these questions and plans. I encourage you to take some quiet time around your birthday to do the same. Then revisit these goals and plans each month to stay on track all year.

Questions for Reflection

Did I accomplish my goals set from my last birthday?

Where do I want to be this time next year?

What do I want this year’s theme to be?

Looking at the areas of my life, what do I want to grow?

List my top 5  priorities for the upcoming year.

What things in my life do I need to remove to make more time for my priorities?

How do I eliminate the negative and surround with myself with positive people and energy?

What are the first few small steps in each of these areas that I can accomplish this month? Check in with these goals the first of  each month.

So what are mine for my upcoming year?

Develop this sweet little blog that I started into a full blog community to support and encourage working mothers. Write more…I have a book idea in the works so stay tuned!

Grow younger!  Ever heard of real age?  Well my real age isn’t my chronological age….I am actually younger according to the test by about two years. I want to grow even younger by changing up some things and making my lifestyle healthier! I am also vain and I am interested in updating my style and slathering on every anti aging cream I can find!

Be more intentional with my spirituality.  I have to admit my to do lists and social media take my attention way more than my prayer life. I want to incorporate more reading, more praying and more church activities into my busy life. Time to make some room for what matters most!

Spend even more time with my family. I feel like I do a good job in this area but with our busy lives you have to stay focused on family being a priority which means constantly evaluating if something deserves your time and attention.

Read more. I love to read and get inspired when I read. In years past, I could read for hours but life is different now with various responsibilities needing my attention.  Uninterrupted reading time is rare but I can manage a few pages for a few minutes each day.  I feel inspired when I read so it has to be a priority to move forward with my other goals.

I hope you will start the tradition of a personal new year’s so that you may be intentional with designing the life you imagined!

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