Hey trophy wife, what’s your secret? Asking for a “mom friend”

Ever feel like you want to be called a trophy wife? I know… every feminist fiber in me says that I should never speak those words but stay with me for a minute. I don’t actually want to be a trophy wife. A real one conjures up ideas of being in a loveless marriage who is at risk for being traded in for a younger model as she ages. An actual trophy wife probably has no thoughts to call her own and spends all her time focusing on attaining physical perfection. That’s the thing, I would love to just LOOK like one.

Lately there are days where my life is filled with so much love and happiness that my appearance is the last thing I am thinking about until I go somewhere with my son and I see HER. You know the “her” I am talking about…the one who’s hair is perfectly styled and has a flawless manicure. The woman who’s make up is done so well that she looks like she films instructional beauty videos on YouTube. That perfect woman who is wearing the comfortable yet stylish outfit that matches whatever activity she is attending with her child. Yep, I see her and then all of a sudden I feel so dowdy in my out of date jeans and my mom bun that was stylish two years ago. In that moment, I promise myself I will try better. I think I will make more time to do manicures, soften my feet, organize my closet and pamper myself with facial masks. I will work out more and buy clothes more often.

Then life happens…my beautiful, chaotic, glorious life that has me working until 5:00 pm and then chasing my fun loving little guy around until 8:00 pm. During my crazy evenings, I don’t want to trade in beauty and pampering time for cuddle time. After my baby boy falls asleep, IF I am still awake, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to watch a  TV show with my husband and enjoy a glass of wine. Evening inevitably turns into morning. Mornings where I am left scrambling to get dressed. Instead of putting together the perfect outfit, I find myself digging out something that is still somewhat clean and not wrinkled.

How do they do it?

Do I just see the “hers” on good days?

Do they have a team of professionals dressing them every morning?

Or am I missing some kind of secret here?

Maybe I don’t look like a trophy wife but I do look like I have a full life. One that is filled with love and joy giving me a happy, somewhat tired, appearance. Maybe that “look” looks better than the perfection of a trophy wife. Oh yeah, I am going to keep trying to look my best but when I have a chance to play with my family, playing will win every time.

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