Kisses and Pre-School

“Don’t leave me mama.”

The statement that breaks my heart and makes me feel loved all at the same time. I hate to think my son would ever think I choose to leave him. I want to cry when I really think about having to deny his request and actually leaving him.

“Mommy has to go to work but you will play, learn lots and I will be back before you know it.” My typical response still doesn’t convince him most mornings at drop off so I have to employ different tactics.

I came up with kisses in your pocket to last him all day a few weeks ago.  Before getting him out at school, I will kiss several times into my cupped hand as if I was putting kisses it in. Then I slip them into his pocket. “Now you have enough of mommy’s kisses to last you all day. Any time you miss me you pull one out and rub it on your cheek. By the time you run out, I will be back to pick you up.” Buckner always grins and pats his pocket.

He now takes the ritual very seriously.  One time I tried to give him more and he even said, “That’s too much!” There was another morning when we got to school, as I was putting his stuff up, he asked me alarmed, “Where are my kisses?” I reminded him they were in his pocket and asked him if he wanted me to pull one out. He said, “nooooo” as he protectively covered his pocket.

Little traditions that turn into stories that turn into memories.  No,  I don’t want to leave my little man for work but at least these moments are chances to show him how much I love him.

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