7 Stressors to Say No to When You are Overwhelmed

Fall is such an exciting but very busy time which can create feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed. Even if the busy season is filled with all good things, the joy can be smothered by the never ending to do list. This is especially true for us working moms. Fall is the time of year that the kids’ schedules are full, job responsibilities might be at peak times and we are all starting the holiday planning. So what does a hands-on-goal-oriented mama suppose to do?

Hit the backspace button.

Press delete.

Stop and pause. 

You have the ability to say no, not yet, or maybe later.  No does not feel like an option to most of us but it is a valid option and is often needed. So here’s my list to help you pare down those ever expanding demands. Hopefully you will feel a little less overwhelmed and a lot more joy!

  1. Eliminate anything that is not a passion project.  If a work or home project is not something you are passionate about and something that is not job dependent (in other words, you won’t get fired if you don’t do it) then say no to it or delegate. You need to keep your time free for the things that matter the most!
  2. Back out of those extra social activities. Some activities are ones we look forward to and some we do out of obligation. You can say no to those.  Say no in a polite way but get out of it.  In the book, Essentialism, the author suggests a way to kindly say no.  Instead of just no, offer another option. Think win win!
  3. Stop volunteering for too much. Service is wonderful and needed. The giver needs the act of helping just like the receiver needs the aid but you are just one person so make sure you carefully choose how you give your time.
  4. End meaningless time wasters.  Now you want to say yes to free time, time to do nothing and brain break activities but learn what is claiming your time each day that isn’t productive and gives you nothing in return.  Cut those things out!
  5. Say no to not relaxing. You need a moment to recharge.  Our phones and electronic devices have to do it so why wouldn’t we?  Relaxing is as productive as working.  Go find a place to just be.
  6. Stop making excuses to not eat healthy and exercise. Formula for meltdown:                             (Stress increases + sugar/junk food increases) + (exercise decreases + sleep decreases) = no energy, fussiness and higher stress. When in a high stress time, the best thing to do is increase those healthy habits so you will feel at your best.
  7. Say no to putting off planning. You get so busy that you just start running in survival mode and go without direction, handling things as they come up.  You end up extremely busy and exhausted with nothing accomplished. You keep this up and you will only feel more frustrated on why you are working so hard. The goal is not to stay busy and accomplish nothing but to stay intentional with careful planning so you are doing the things that matter.

You are doing great mama!  What other things do you eliminate when life gets to be a bit too much?

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