Pineapple Fridays: Kindness

This morning was my annual check up (fun times!). The worst thing about the check up is having to fast for your blood work. No water, food, or coffee six hours before the appointment.  I don’t even dread being poked by a needle anymore because I am too focused on the fact that I can’t have my morning coffee. This morning I was telling the nurse that I couldn’t wait to get my coffee.  She sweetly got me in right away to have my blood drawn. Then she proceeded to ask me what I liked in my coffee and when I got back from the lab, the coffee was sitting there waiting for me. A very sweet and simple act of kindness.

As I happily sipped on my coffee, her thoughtfulness got me to thinking. She is a nurse and her primary duties are to take care of the health of the patient. Getting coffee isn’t really in that description. But she went beyond her duties just to show she cared.  She truly lived out the meaning of nursing this morning by caring for the whole patient.

We don’t have to be a nurse to do be kind. This example of thoughtfulness can and should inspire all of us. No matter what our jobs are, we can take a moment to take that extra step for someone to show they matter.  Showing kindness, even in simple ways, has a huge impact and rapidly spreads. Let’s never get too busy or too wrapped up in our agendas to forget the most important task of any job…being kind.

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