How to Incorporate Books in Your Preschooler’s Advent

I love Advent! As a child, my grandmother gave me a reusable Advent workbook with stickers and stories to complete every day. During the season, I looked forward to starting my mornings with a bowl of Christmas Captain Crunch cereal and each day’s Advent activity.  This year I am excited because Buckner is finally old enough to start participating in the rituals that prepare us for Christmas.  But other than chocolate candy countdown calendars (which are great too) what do you do to recognize the days leading up to Christmas?  Books!  Another mother gave me the best idea….she told me that last year she did a book a day for Advent and that it was a huge hit for not only her young son but her entire family.

How it works…

In the days leading up to Advent (now), start purchasing holiday themed books. She said she did a mix of both religious and Santa/Snowman type books.  You can purchase them from a variety of places including dollar stores (this does not have to be an expensive activity).

Wrap each book in Christmas paper and attach numbers corresponding with the date the book is to be opened. So since Advent begins on Sunday, December 3rd your first tag will be 3.

We have 22 days in Advent this year so you will need to purchase 22 books unless you already have a traditional Christmas Eve book. The mom who had this great idea told me that it’s their tradition to read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. Since she already had that book, all she had to do was wrap it. We also read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve so I will be purchasing 21 books.

I plan on placing all the wrapped books in a decorated box under the tree. I am so excited about our Book Countdown for Advent!  We will make it our nightly reading ritual, although I may include a few coloring books in the mix. It might get interesting if Buckner does not understand we can’t open all the books at one time so I am not sure how long the box with the books will stay under the tree.


21 – 22 Books (depending if you have a traditional Christmas Eve book already purchased)                *Books can include both religious and non religious. I may even throw in a coloring book or two.

Wrapping paper and supplies.

A decorative box (or basket, bin, sleigh, etc.) to hold the books.

Labels to indicate the date the book is to be opened.


Check back later for the reading list I create. I am currently still purchasing the books.  I am in the early stages of holiday preparation. You can get your free planning checklist printable here to start your preparation now too!

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