25 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Christmas

I have a confession that will irritate some and delight others. I don’t get annoyed with stores putting out Christmas decorations and supplies in September. I understand that it takes time to plan the holidays. Putting out merchandise early does not mean you are ignoring all the holidays leading up to Christmas but that you are recognizing the time to plan (and all the fun that goes with planning anticipation!). I love enjoying fall festivities, Halloween, my birthday (yay November!) and Thanksgiving all while making Christmas plans.

I have another confession. As much as I love planning, I have failed to put plans in action early in some areas. Specifically, I have not been good about shopping and preparing cards early. I make plans but I have failed to do Christmas shopping until the last few weeks leading up to Christmas which causes me to not have the luxury of putting enough meaning behind the gifts I purchase. Cards become a hurried push instead of the cozy afternoon with tea and Christmas music activity that I want. Also, several of the fun holiday celebration ideas get marked off the list simply because I run out of time.

This year I making an effort to get started early with Christmas shopping and preparation. My lesson in success has been learned with how early I start planning Buckner’s birthday parties because I know as a working mom I have limited time. I start in May for his August birthday and I enjoy the slow planning process. Three months to enjoy planning a birthday equates three months to enjoy planning Christmas. So do you feel the same way? Want to join me with thoroughly immersing yourself in the season? See below for the  25 things you can be doing now to plan for Christmas. And while you are planing, don’t forget to subscribe to the e-mail newsletter for more holiday planning tips!

25 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Christmas

Early to Mid October
1. Take photo for Christmas card
2. Create a your gift shopping list and brainstorm meaningful gift ideas
3. In addition to a gift list, make a list of stocking stuffers
4. Create a budget
Mid to Late October
5. Start shopping
6. Inventory gift wrapping supplies and replenish as needed
7. Begin purchasing books for Advent (check back next week to learn about my Advent reading project)

Free Printable: Christmas To Do List for  October 

Early to Mid November
8. Choose and order Christmas cards
9. Gather addresses for Christmas cards
10. Buy any additional Christmas decor to add to your holiday collection
11. Continue shopping
12. Finish purchasing books for advent and wrap them.
Mid to Late November
13. Create Christmas celebration menus (if you are hosting)
14. Find recipes of dishes you wish to bring or a hostess gift (if you are a guest at a party or dinner)
15. Make a family fun list of all the holiday activities that you want to do
16. Be sure to schedule plenty of quiet and peaceful times to just sit around the tree. Tis the season for peace not chaos!
17. Mark the calendar with the dates for Christmas parades, shows, etc.
18. Address Christmas cards and mail them
18. End of November – decorate!

Free Printable: Christmas To Do List for November

Early to Mid December
19. Finish shopping (including stocking stuffers)
20. Start wrapping gifts (I like to include plenty of time for gift wrapping so I can take my time and enjoy it so gift wrapping will take a couple of weeks for me)
21. Bake items early in the month and freeze
22. Make and freeze cookie dough for just being able to cut and decorate later
23. Enjoy the parties and holiday activities
Mid December to Christmas
24. Prepare other food items early (schedule various times to make dishes leading up to the big day)
25. Focus on the peace and love of the season. Surround yourself with joy!

Free Printable: Christmas To Do List for December



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