This morning arrived with a rare gift these days – stillness. My soul and my body needed this gift. Mondays are easy compared to Tuesdays because I have an entire weekend to prepare for Mondays. Tuesday prep comes after a long day at work and is crammed in with all the other evening activities. By Tuesday morning, I am tired.

I was moving slow this morning all while reminding myself I don’t have to be perfect. While in the kitchen making my second cup of coffee, I heard Buckner cry out. As I walked into the living room, my husband met me carrying our sleepy child. “He wants his mommy,” my husband said as he passed him to me.

I took Buckner and sat down on the couch. I asked him if he wanted milk but he just curled up against me clutching his yellow car. The heaviness and stillness of his little body in my lap made me realize he was asleep again.

Stillness. Ed had gone back to bed. The only light in the living room was from the warm glow of the lamp. The only sound was the deep sleeping breaths coming from my child. I looked at the clock. 6:20 am. I had lots left to do but instead of continuing my frantic morning pace, I sat and cuddled.

The quiet and magic of the morning time was always my favorite time when my Buckner was an infant. Those sleepy, slow times have been replaced with cartoons and toys in the morning. The quiet has been replaced with loud excitement. While both versions are equally good just different, the stillness was just what I needed this morning. I needed the time to just be with my baby and my thoughts. God often provides these kind of moments just when you need them the most.

Stillness. While I would have loved to have my coffee (I had left it in the kitchen), I sat still and just was simply present in the moment. No agenda. I soaked in the moment of being in the stillness of the morning.  It is amazing how just stopping provides us such clarity. I know the reason why I feel like I am fully experiencing every sweet day of Buckner’s life so far is because of the slow practice of being in the moment. I am typically not that type of person. I am always pushing. I always have a to do list or an agenda to meet but motherhood has changed me. Slow down. This morning was my reminder to continue to embrace the power of stillness. The sweetness of these moments are the ones you don’t want to miss because they are the most important parts of life. Stillness is a gift so the next time you get a rare moment, embrace it.

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