My Fall Fun List

I believe I am in very good company when I say I love fall!  I am definitely the stereotypical pumpkin spice loving, boot wearing and cozy sweater kind of girl!  In August, I purchased the first of many fall themed items that will march their way into our home until November.  Yes, my husband came home after work one day in late August only to find that his hands now smell of pumpkin after washing them. Thank you Bath and Body Works hand soaps! He jokes that every time he scratches his nose now he craves a latte. I wanted to break out all my fall decor on Labor Day weekend but he pleaded with me to wait until October. I compromised and I am waiting until tomorrow…almost the middle of September! I am excited to bring on fall because I believe life should be celebrated so here is my fun list to embrace the season of orange and coziness.

Pumpkin Patch. We will visit a pumpkin patch, not once but several times. I will have an outfit perfectly designed for the patch so that I can take the fourth annual picture of Buckner surrounded by pumpkins.  The picture is always hard to take, especially as he gets older, because he is too busy either climbing on or throwing the pumpkins. But it is always a fun time and a family tradition.

Fall Decor.  Tomorrow the pumpkins inside my house will appear. In a few weeks, mums and pumpkins outside will greet me as I come home in the evenings.  For the next couple of months, my house will be adorned in a glow of oranges, reds and yellows. All colors that make me happy!

Autumn Attire. Hello boots, sweaters and dark jeans! Enough said.

Halloween!  I always love Halloween but now with a kiddo we get to do all the fun kid carnivals, trick or treating and dressing up a cute little guy. That is, if we can convince our little one to put on a costume…time will tell!

Football.  Just the sound of football on the tv with a good pot of chili on the stove will bring on feelings of happiness for me!

PSL. Yes, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is my favorite. I use to not like the drink at all but in the last couple of years I have become a huge fan. Afraid you might end up looking like a pumpkin if you drink too many? Well, one trick to make it skinnier is to order a non-fat latte and just get one pump of the syrup. The drink will not be as sweet as the original but you still get the flavor while saving a lot of calories.

Soups. Speaking of calories, one of my favorite ways to spend my calories is on soups. I am a soup girl year round but soup just tastes better when the weather is chilly.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We love sharing the cartoons we enjoyed as children with Buckner.  The class is always fun to watch but now I would rather watch his eyes as he sees the cartoon than watch the television.

Tailgating. I would not be a good SEC employee if I did not mention the importance of this social event. Tailgating in the south with delicious foods (and mimosas for me!) is the best way to spend a fall afternoon.

Baking. Of course that includes baking pumpkin bread!

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