5 Things I Never Thought I Would Do As A Mom

1. Feed him so much sugar! Pre-baby, I was very clear that we would have major limitations on sugar and treats. My husband and I still feel this way but my child went from a great and healthy eater as a baby to not eating anything as a toddler and preschooler. So when he didn’t eat for a day and he asked for a cookie, we gave him one more times than I can count. We are still a work in progress and on the road to limit sweets again. Thankfully, he is starting to eat healthier so now the treats are only for special occasions or a much needed bribe.  I can happily say we have won one victory – he has only had two sips of a sugary soda and that was by accident!

2. Let him watch videos on the I pad or phone. The oh-so wise-all-knowing pre-baby me was totally judging others who let their kids zone out at dinner with their electronics. I knew we wouldn’t give our baby a phone but instead we were going to let him color, play with toys and converse. Ahhhh then reality hit. Colors don’t work for very long and sometimes you just want to eat dinner! We at least screen what he is watching and try to keep it somewhat educational.

3. Dress him in nothing else but cute jon jons until at least age four.  As a Southern mama, monograms, jon jons and smocked clothes are all requirements for the little ones. When I found out I was having a boy I was determined I would dress him like a tiny prince for as long as I could. Then my strong willed little guy taught me otherwise. As early as two, Buckner developed a strong distaste for jon jons. Now he has very strong opinions about what he will and won’t wear.  I am still able to get him in monograms and smocked outfits.  And since he is opinionated in his fashion choices, I can be grateful that he, at least, does have a good sense of style!

4.I thought wouldn’t let him eat in the car…hahahahahahah! You should see the crumbs on my floor these days.

5. I just knew our busy lives would stay busy and we would take him on our numerous outings. The reality is  we stay at home more than ever. It is easier because he is happy and it is baby proofed! And this once constantly on the go girl is happy for the slower pace and playing legos on the floor.

My pre-mama thoughts were not all correct but the reality is so sweet. What are you doing now that you thought you would never do?

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