Hello Year 3!

My baby boy turns three this week. I sat with him on the couch this morning for our usual morning coffee, milk and cuddles session and noticed his long legs. He still lets me baby him but the signs of him turning into a child are obvious. The fast changes tear at my heart a little. He has been in our world for 36 beautiful months. He makes every day more special than the day before.  Our days are filled with new adventures, giggles and lots of love. Our days are also filled with the routine epic breakdown that just comes with the age. However, these meltdowns are quickly followed with more hugs and “Soddy (sorry) mama.”

I hate when people say enjoy the time because it passes so fast. I hate the constant barrage of stories on social media  shared just to  make you cry about how fast they grow up. I cringe when people feel the need to constantly remind me of the fact he is growing up, looking like a big boy, etc. I want to scream at them that I am enjoying every moment. Why do they think otherwise? Or do they just want me to live in a perpetual state of sadness remembering how fast time goes by? Does that change anything? I only think it makes us sad and not live in the moment. I feel all kinds of emotions every day on my own so I don’t need others trying to provoke more emotions.

This morning I felt very emotional. I was wondering if he would let me baby him for a long time. I love our special connection and I just want that bond to grow. Instead of letting myself worry for too long, I changed my perspective. I thought I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 36 months by soaking up every new moment and milestone. I haven’t taken one moment for granted. And while I love every single tender moment of babyhood, I wouldn’t trade in my buddy that is today for what was yesterday. Today, I have a sweet littlle boy who tells me his wild stories and thoughts. I now know what he is thinking. Those precious thoughts are filled with vivid images of firetrucks, doctors, dinosaurs and garbage trucks…not sure what that means for a future occupation. He hugs tighter now, kisses are sweeter and he says “I love you.” I love seeing that every day he learns something new. His eyes widen with pride and surprise when he accomplishes a new challenge, even something as simple as successfully folding a bath cloth. I love to point out butterflies, bugs, and birds. We growl at each other like tigers, we have family dance parties and we snuggle to read books again and again.

The third birthday doesn’t mark a sad time saying goodbye to babyhood but instead I remembered this morning to say hello to the third year and all the new adventures that are ahead. I loved getting him ready for his new preschool for the first time. I love hearing his phrases. I love seeing his little personality grow. No time for wistful sadness. If time flies by, as they say it does, the only thing you can do is immerse yourself in the moment. Commit yourself to find the joy in each phase while wrapping you and your loved ones up in love and laughter.  Here’s to the third year! Happy Birthday Baby Buckner! 🙂 You will always be my baby.

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