Changing Pace

Summer is here and along with summer fun comes the time for me to professionally recover from the academic year. I am tired and dare I say it, burned out. After teaching three classes in the spring semester plus coordinating several large events, counseling students and supervising a team of 7 student employees…I. AM. TIRED.

Being burned out is a very uncomfortable feeling for me.  I am one of those people who are overly ambitious 37 hours of the day. Not being able to summons up the motivation to continue at that pace is disturbing. What is more disturbing is having a lackluster attitude toward setting the next new goal. I love goals! I teach others how to set goals and work with them step by step to achieve those goals.  But burn out happens when even the most driven go into overdrive too often. I am not a car person but I know if you rag out a car for too long then it will require maintenance (my husband is probably laughing at my terminology). If this happens to cars, why wouldn’t it happen to humans?  I drove too fast this academic year and now I need to put myself in the shop.

Just a few weeks into the summer and after putting a few simple ideas into practice, I am starting to slowly recover. We all need recover time and during that time I realize it is okay, even good, to just be. After this realization, I gave myself permission to read for fun. Make time for artistic creativity and allow myself the time to think. The other day I wanted to read an article that would inspire me but my immediate thought went to, “I don’t have time to read that.” So I read it. Because I said I didn’t have the time to read an article meant that I needed to read it that much more.

There are all kinds of ways to renew your spirit and gain momentum again. I love hearing about what others do for self care so I am posting my list of what is working for me. I hope you get inspiration from it and can use this summer to get on a new track if needed.

My Summer Self Care List

  1. Summer reading. I am reading both for fun and inspiration this summer. I just finished the book Essentialism and loved it (total game changer). In fact, look for a post on it soon because it was so inspiring.
  2. Playing. Dancing, laughing and being silly.  Just because.
  3. Taking care of myself. Seems simple but when we are stressed self care falls down on the list. I am revamping my diet to eliminate sugar (again) and aim for more fruits and vegetables. I am walking more. I am trying to get more sleep. You know, all the good self care habits.
  4. Indulge. My indulgence is the spa and a massage. I am booking one as soon as I finish writing this post!
  5. Non-productive time. This one takes some effort because it runs counter to who I have trained myself to be. I am working hard to have long periods of time without an agenda. I want to focus on my family and have time where I can create, read and just think.
  6. Cooking new recipes.  On the list this summer is fish tacos with pineapple salsa. Who wants to come to dinner?
  7. Breaking the routine. Routine is a lifesaver for parents of a toddler but we all just need a change sometimes. Something as simple as going out to eat when we normally stay at home can be therapeutic.
  8. Organize and clean. These two are a winning combination that is meditative and gives clarity. Speaking of meditation…
  9. Meditation.  I have noticed a drastic difference in my well being when I practice it for even 10 minutes a day and 10 minutes a day is all I usually do. A little can go a long way.
  10. Go somewhere new.  The quote attributed to Mark Batterson, “A change of place plus a change of pace equals a change of perspective” is so true for me. Travel, even a simple weekend trip, always does that for me. I come back inspired and rejuvenated.

What works for you?




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