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Allow me a moment to be a gushing Southern Belle because I just got engaged to the most amazing guy!  The proposal was a complete surprise. After months of me asking if we were ever going to get engaged, I did not think he would be able to surprise me because I was looking for every hint possible.  However, he did and the proposal was perfect. He even managed to get the moment caught on camera so we will have these memories forever.

We were on our second day in Destin and I had given up all hope that this would be the weekend he was going to propose. If it was to happen, I assumed he would not be able to wait longer than a day because he would be too anxious.  I also guessed that he would behave differently in some way.  Ed proved me wrong because he is a much better actor than I knew.  Saturday passed and he acted completely relaxed.  By Sunday morning, I was trying to convince myself to just enjoy the vacation and maybe we would get engaged sometime this summer.

Setting up the surprise
Ed told me he wanted to set up early on the beach because of it being so busy on Memorial Day Weekend.  This wasn’t an unusual plan because both of us like to get the fun started fast!  So we got our stuff set up and I ran back up to the hotel to grab some things for the rest of the day.  During that time, Ed introduces himself to the couple in the chairs next to us. Luanne and Grant had traveled from Texas to Destin to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary and were incredibly friendly.  After chatting with them for a moment, Ed asks Luanne for a favor.  He tells them that his girlfriend was about to come down to the beach and at some point in the morning he was going to propose but that he would tell me we were taking a picture for Facebook. Luanne agreed to take a picture for Facebook as well as be ready to really take the pictures of the big moment!

I came down and just thought Ed had made friends with our “chair neighbors.”  He introduced them to me and I suspected nothing.  I settled into my chair and started taking pictures of my coffee against the background of the ocean.  Obviously, I was relaxing into my morning!  After finishing my coffee, I decided it was time to go play in the ocean and asked Ed if he wanted to go too. He said sure and acted as if he was going to get up but when I looked back – there he sat.  Looking back, I guess he had a funny look on his face as he said that he would come to the water later but I missed any clue that he was sitting there with a ring in his pocket!  I was also oblivious that he was still wearing his shirt in the hot sun and not getting in the water which was completely unlike him.

Not just a regular Facebook photo
After I came back to my chair, he told me that he wanted to get a picture for Facebook.  He suggested that I ask Luanne so we could get a good picture instead of the ones we usually try to get with one of us holding the camera.  I did not know that I was asking someone who was already in on this plan.  I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story….

Just taking pictures and not expecting what is about to happen.
Ed is telling me to take pictures of our trip. I love pictures so I am happy to do so!

Us being us….completely silly!
Ed tells me that he wants to get a good photo for Facebook. I asked the nice woman next to us to take the photo.

She takes the photo and several more….then Ed asks for one more photo.

The moment I realized this was more than just a regular photo!
“You know how I tell you that my job is to make you happy?  Well, I want a promotion…will you marry me?” I am not sure if he finished the question before I told him yes!
I always thought I would cry if this moment came, instead I shook for two hours!  I would not take the ring because I was shaking so much that I was afraid I would drop it!
True happiness!
So excited I can’t quit talking even for a kiss!
We are ENGAGED!!!!
The sweet couple who was in on the plan and took the pictures!!! So grateful for the moment caught on camera!

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