The Slow, Sweet Life


“Slow down mama, slow down,” Buckner called out from the backseat. I was only going about 30 miles per hour on the way home from work and daycare but he thought it was too fast. He was referring to the pace of the car but I felt the request was meant for me.  Wise life advice from my toddler.  Since he was born almost three years ago, I find myself numerous times a week telling myself to slow down, be present, and let the stuff that doesn’t matter go. I have often ran at a speed and level of perfection that I can never sustain but my little Buckner man has put a new pace into my life. Since birth, he has made us adhere to his timetable which means prioritizing play and togetherness over anything else.

I want the slow, sweet life more than ever now. I feel like so many of us do as I am seeing a movement more toward slowing down to enjoy the quality of life. I want to contribute to that conversation. This blog is dedicated to finding joy in the slow life. I hope to encourage others, as well as myself, to focus on a purpose that pursues the sweetness of life and welcome opportunities that mean the most of us. I hope you will follow me on this journey as I learn more about how to create the life that I imagine and as I listen to the wise words of my toddler, “slow down, mama.”

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